ALNAP members discuss key challenges at a humanitarian event

We are the global network for advancing humanitarian learning. Our goal is for all humanitarians to benefit from our sector's collective experience.

ALNAP stands for Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in humanitarian action. We support humanitarians everywhere to improve humanitarian action by exchanging evidence, experience and practical ideas.

ALNAP's network is made up of 100 members including national and international non-governmental organisations (NGOs), United Nations agencies, Red Cross/Crescent Movement members, bilateral and multilateral donor organisations, networks, academics and think tanks.

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What we do

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What ALNAP does

We rigorously distil learning from across the humanitarian system, helping you make sense of the vast amounts of evidence available. We also ask challenging questions on ‘how’ we learn.

We produce research and guidance where there are gaps in humanitarian knowledge on subjects of critical interest to our members. This is often conducted with our members’ help.

ALNAP regularly undertakes a health check of the system, shining a light on how the sector is performing and where it needs to improve. Every 3-4 years we publish our State of the Humanitarian System (SOHS) report. This unique, independent report is renowned for its comprehensive information about the size, scope and shape of the humanitarian system.

We convene events and meetings, webinars, Communities of Practice (CoP) and many other forums where humanitarians can come together to reflect, share insights and build confidence to accelerate change.

The Humanitarian Evaluation, Learning and Performance (HELP) Library holds more than 22,000 digital resources, including 850 ALNAP publications and more than 3,000 evaluations. It is available to the entire humanitarian sector.

Humanitarians everywhere want every crisis response to deliver the best possible outcomes for people who are most affected.

The vision guiding ALNAP's work is of an international humanitarian system that can deliver principled assistance and protection to the most vulnerable people.

We are here to connect you to the evidence and learning you need, when you need it.


ALNAP's flagship report State of the Humanitarian System

This unique and independent report is a 'health check' of the humanitarian system, shining a light on how the sector is performing, and where it needs to improve. It well-known across the sector for its comprehensive information about the size, scope and shape of the system, and its rigorous assessment of overall progress and performance.

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