State of the Humanitarian System

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ALNAP’s flagship report assesses the size, shape and performance of the humanitarian sector over time.

The State of the Humanitarian System (SOHS) report is the only independent, longitudinal study of humanitarian aid performance.

Produced since 2010 and covering 5 editions, the SOHS draws together a huge body of evidence including exclusive research with crisis-affected people and practitioners, and a synthesis of all publicly available evaluations of humanitarian response.

The SOHS is an indispensable resource for humanitarian policy makers and users of evidence, providing a robust assessment and a comprehensive picture of the trends in funding, resource flows, staffing and organisations.

“Thanks to ALNAP, we can look at ourselves in the mirror every few years in the State of the Humanitarian System Report.”

Hugo Slim, Senior Research Fellow at Las Casas Institute for Social Justice, University of Oxford.

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ALNAP's study of the humanitarian system measuring its size, shape, and performance against key criteria


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