Lessons for the Sudan humanitarian response

Adré. With more than 150,000 Sudanese refugees settling in the border town, demand for water has risen sharply, even though the commodity is already scarce in this arid region.

Updated 16 May 2024

Sudan is facing one of the fastest unfolding humanitarian crises globally. The most recent outbreak of conflict has exacerbated many existing challenges including mass displacement, economic and political instability, and climate emergencies.

Approximately 25 million people need humanitarian support and 17.7 million people – more than one-third of the country’s population – are facing acute food insecurity, with warning of potential famine [ACAPS]. More than 8.6 million people have fled their home since conflict started making Sudan the largest displacement crisis in the world [OCHA]

Here we share resources to help those planning and delivering the humanitarian response in Sudan. If you have other resources you think would be useful to include, submit a resource to our HELP library.