Updating our OECD DAC guidance

Update of ALNAP guidance on evaluating humanitarian action using the OECD DAC criteria

In 2006, ALNAP published Evaluating Humanitarian Action using the OECD DAC Criteria to help evaluation professionals better understand and use the OECD DAC criteria in humanitarian settings. It is one of our most popular resources, but now it is time for an update.

With this update, ALNAP will further explore issues specific to humanitarian action, including common constraints and challenges of applying the criteria in humanitarian settings. ALNAP will include recent examples from real-world humanitarian evaluations, notes on good practice and learning. If you have any feedback or questions, contact us at [email protected]

So far, ALNAP has:

- Formed an advisory group to assist with the revision process.

- Published a literature review on the use of the OECD DAC criteria and additional humanitarian criteria, which will support the evidence base for the update. And an executive summary available in multiple languages.

- Launched a survey for humanitarian evaluation practitioners to gather feedback and views on the usage and application of the criteria for evaluating humanitarian action.

- Organised and hosted consultation events, including a global launch and regional consultation sessions (see below).

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For feedback or questions please email [email protected]

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