Day for Learning 2024

Women digging a pond, Bangladesh 2006
Credit: CBFM-Fem Com Bangladesh | CC BY NC ND 2.0

On this year's extra day - Thursday, 29th February - we encouraged humanitarians everywhere to take time out of their busy schedules to learn.

The Day for Learning was the first milestone in our learning journey this year With learning comes change.

People from across the sector got involved on the day by:

  • sharing and reading reports, articles and resources
  • collectively championing the need to unlock the rich learning that already exists within our sector
  • and taking a step back for some much needed – and long overdue – reflection on the learning challenge, with people sharing their thoughts on social media.

Contributions on learning from across the sector

We want our With learning comes change initiative to be collective, collaborative and interactive. So we are encouraging our colleagues, members, other organisations and humanitarians wherever you are, to get creative with your learning ideas, and actively celebrate the learning achievements of others.

Hear from some of our contributors on the value of learning and their reflections on the major barriers to learning and change in the sector here.

First milestone

The Day for Learning was the first milestone in our new learning journey. At ALNAP, we are committed to continue working alongside our members and the sector throughout 2024 at a more structural level, setting key goals to help shift humanitarian learning approaches and cultures to recognise and respond to the evolving complexity of crises, the urgency of need, and the nature of learning itself.

Recommended resources for our Day for Learning 2024

Find some great selections from our own library of learning resources which we shared on the Day For Learning 2024 below.