Mercy Corps

The world is more fragile than ever. Food shortages have left millions of people hungry, while violent conflict has sent millions on the run. From poverty and malnutrition to natural disasters and climate change, it’s easy to see a world of insurmountable challenges. Instead, we see an opportunity to create transformative change. In crisis, we believe in the power of human potential. In struggle, we believe in the ability of communities to grow stronger.

We understand that communities are the best agents of their own change and local markets are the best engines of long-term recovery. In more than 40 countries, we partner to put bold solutions into action, helping people triumph over adversity and grow stronger from within.

Mercy Corps meets the urgent needs of today while building a stronger tomorrow. We have responded to nearly every global emergency over the past 20 years. Since 1979, we have provided $4 billion in lifesaving assistance throughout the world. Today our team members are helping some 1.8 million people affected by the Syria crisis. Mercy Corps is reaching hundreds of thousands of people with urgently needed food, blankets and other essential supplies.

  • Meanwhile we are working on connecting people to the resources they need to strengthen their community from within. We have helped more than 220 million people in 122 countries survive through crisis, build better lives and transform their communities for good. Each year we infuse millions of dollars into local economies through small business loans and grants to provide livelihoods for the world’s most vulnerable people. We are empowering more than 100,000 youth trapped by violent conflict to overcome the profound stress of war and become changemakers in their communities.
  • Ultimately, though, we believe that to create truly transformative change we must address the underlying drivers of conflict, crisis and fragility that are the key barriers to development in the world today. Through our often ground-breaking action oriented research, our advocacy and our influence we seek to change the policies and practices that drive marginalisation, inequality, poverty or injustice, or that hamper effective responses.


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