Become an ALNAP network Member

ALNAP is a network of around 100 humanitarian NGOs, donors, UN agencies, academics, Red Cross/Crescent Societies and independent consultants in the humanitarian sector. We are proud of the fact that since 1997 our Membership has grown to reflect the humanitarian system, yet our Membership connections remain genuine and active. 

The ALNAP Membership aims to reflect the main organisations and other institutions that make up the formal 'humanitarian system'.

What does it mean to be a Member?

As a network, together our Members have shared their learnings, carried out essential research and created a space for ongoing dialogue. Full/Associate Members contribute financially or in-kind, and are able to:

  • Guide and inform our research initiatives based on their current needs and gaps
  • Participate in ALNAP research and workshops
  • Request presentations and workshops from the ALNAP team at their organisation
  • Have free access to ALNAP publications (online and hard copies) and webinars
  • Guarantee a number of places at our Annual Meetings, which brings together the widest range of humanitarian actors in the sector
  • Keep informed of all ALNAP activities via our fortnightly email update and social media like Twitter and Facebook.

Full Members

The role of Full members is to support, promote and play an active role in the implementation of ALNAP's vision and strategy, and their priorities inform the decisions made by ALNAP's Steering Committee.

Full members include United Nations agencies, the Red Cross/Crescent Movement, bilateral and multilateral donor organisations and foundations, non-government organisations, research institutes and academics.

Full members should contribute to ALNAP activities with an annual financial contribution based on the organisations' annual humanitarian spend and/or in kind support, e.g. hosting meetings, undertaking translation of ALNAP products etc.

Benefits of being a Full member include:

  • A vote in elections for representatives from their constituency to the Steering Committee
  • A voice in identifying and prioritising ALNAP's strategic direction and activities
  • ALNAP staff will attend Full members' learning events to present and host discussions
  • An invitation to full Annual meetings and discounted attendance fees
  • Full access to documentation on the HELP library.
  • Free access to post vacancies on ALNAP's job platform.

Associate Members

Associate members include humanitarian networks and umbrella organisations, private sector organisations, and National Disaster Management Authorities of governments in crisis-affected countries.

Associate members have all the benefits of Full members but are not eligible to be on the Steering Committee and do not have voting rights. They also are not required to make a financial contribution unless they are a private sector organisation.

Criteria for Membership

Successful applicants for ALNAP Membership will:

  1. Be a key player in humanitarian action (i.e. disaster preparedness and mitigation; humanitarian relief; recovery and rehabilitation) in roles such as: fundraising; provision of funds; assessing, supplying and evaluating humanitarian assistance/recovery and rehabilitation; developing policy; informing/educating the public and other stakeholders.
  2. Have a demonstrable track record and an established reputation in one or more of the above areas over at least two years of existence as an organisation.
  3. Demonstrate a commitment to learning, accountability and improving performance.
  4. Be able to demonstrate good knowledge of ALNAP's work, for example through engagement with ALNAP events, the HELP library and/or disseminating ALNAP's research for at least one year.

This list is not extensive, and more requirements may need to be met in order for your organisation's application to be successful.

Please note:

For NGOs: When an NGO applies for membership, if the humanitarian head office is applying for membership, then the federation will become a member. If a country office applies for membership, federation membership will depend on where the humanitarian head office is based, and which office pays the contribution fee.

For Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies: When a Red Cross/Red Crescent society applies for membership, only the country office will receive membership status.

For private sector/consultancies: Applications will only be accepted from organisations (an entity comprising of multiple people) rather than individuals, and should be able to demonstrate at least two years of a track record and reputation as an organisation.

If you are interested in membership, or have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected].