HNPW 2024: What can we learn from scaling up responses in complex humanitarian crisis?


What can the humanitarian system learn from past experiences of scaling up responses in complex humanitarian crisis? How can collective humanitarian responses be improved to better meet the needs of affected populations?

The session will draw on results from a recent IASC learning paper on system-wide scale up as well as from the Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluations (IAHEs) of the collective responses in Afghanistan and Ethiopia. Panellists will discuss the successes and challenges of scaling up a response in complex crises including the limitations the system faces. The session is relevant for humanitarian policy makers and practitioners who are interested in issues related to system wide scale up and humanitarian aid in complex crises.

The session will first offer a presentation of lessons on scaling up humanitarian responses from the IASC learning paper, as well as key lessons from recent IAHEs on Afghanistan and Ethiopia. Then a panel of specialists from different agencies will share their learning and perspectives on key issues related to scale-up and prioritisation.


  • Gareth Price-Jones | Executive Secretary, Steering Committee for Humanitarian Response
  • Glyn Taylor | Founding Partner, Humanitarian Outcomes
  • Nicole Henze | Evaluation Manager, United Nations OCHA


  • Daniel Endres | Humanitarian Coordinator, United Nations
  • Gabriella Waaijman | Global Humanitarian Director, Save the Children International
  • Hiwotie Simachew | Deputy Country Director - Humanitarian, Plan International Ethiopia

This session will be moderated by Juliet Parker, ALNAP's Director.