Getting accountability right for improved humanitarian action

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This essential briefing is a summary of ALNAP's report 'From Tick Box to Turning Point: Getting Accountability Right for Improved Humanitarian Action'

It’s widely recognised that the humanitarian system should be more accountable to people affected by crisis. But despite collective and individual efforts, communities are experiencing little change. Increasingly, professionalised functions to ensure accountability to affected people (AAP) tend to be treated as nonessential to the fundamental humanitarian endeavour.

Renewed energy and commitment to accountability is now emerging at all levels. Growing evidence shows that implementing effective accountability practices increases humanitarian performance on a range of measures. These include improved relevance of assistance and increased dignity for communities affected by crises.

This briefing highlights twelve key recommendations for progress.


  • Publication language: English
  • Pages: 2pp
  • Suggested citation: ALNAP. (2023) Getting Accountability Right for Improved Humanitarian Action. London: ALNAP

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