Background paper - 2021 ALNAP Meeting

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This Background Paper to the 2021 ALNAP Meeting uses the lens of ‘learning from disruption’ to help inform meeting discussions. An exploration of all potential disruptors would be vast; instead, this study looks specifically at the disruptive potential of COVID-19 and the decolonising aid debate, which have emerged as key issues affecting policy and practice for ALNAP Members since 2020.

  • Where and to what extent have COVID-19 and the ‘decolonisation of aid’ debate driven change – both positive and negative – within the humanitarian system?
  • What can the humanitarian system learn from these external disruptors and the ways in which they do or do not effect change in humanitarian policy and practice?


  • Publication language: English
  • Pages: 45pp
  • Suggested citation: Khan, A., Khan, F. and Dewulf, A. with Mitchell. J. and Obrecht, A. (2021) Learning from Disruption: evolution, revolution, or status quo? ALNAP 2021 Meeting Background Paper. London: ALNAP.