Event recording

Climate and crisis - What do we need to know to improve response to the unknown future?


Climate change is already having profound effects on the location, scale, and nature of crises that require humanitarian intervention: effects that will significantly increase over the next 10-20 years. The range of crises influenced by climate change, and the challenges of predicting the future effects, make it difficult for humanitarian actors to learn from previous crisis responses.

The webinar focused on two main questions:

  • What is the scope of the climate impact on humanitarian action? What do we need to know to understand the full breadth of a topic that ‘changes everything’?
  • What can we know about unprecedented events? How can we collect useful evidence on things that haven’t happened yet?


  • Jennifer Doherty, PhD - Senior Research Officer, ALNAP
  • Geeta Bhatrai Bastakoti, PhD - Gender Climate Services Analyst, ICIMOD
  • Mihir Bhatt - Director, All India Disaster Management Institute
  • François Grunewald - Director of Strategic Foresight, Groupe URD
  • Paul Knox Clarke - Principal, Climate and Humanitarian Crisis Initiative