Learning where it matters: Piloting action learning with frontline humanitarian staff

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The knowledge of frontline staff – those directly involved in programme implementation and monitoring – is fundamental to good humanitarian action. These individuals make decisions and solve problems every day in their work with crisis-affected populations. The interactions they have with communities produce important information on how to implement projects most effectively to meet local needs. Despite the central importance of this knowledge to effective programming, frontline learning has consistently lacked support.

ALNAP created an action learning resource pack and supported training on action learning with 26 frontline staff from local, national and international humanitarian NGOs between December 2020 and October 2021. This study explores the learning and reflections from that pilot on using action learning with frontline staff in humanitarian contexts.


  • Publication language: English
  • Pages: 43pp
  • Suggested citation: Doherty, Jennifer. (2022) Learning Where it Matters: Piloting action learning with frontline humanitarian staff. London: ALNAP.