More than just luck: Innovation in humanitarian action

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This report presents the synthesised findings from 15 case studies, undertaken by ALNAP in partnership with ELRHA’s Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF). It was produced as part of a broader research partnership between ALNAP and ELRHA that sought to define and understand what successful innovation looks like in the humanitarian sector. 

The central questions this report seeks to answer are:

  1. What does a successful humanitarian innovation process look like?
  2. What are the factors that enable success in innovation management in the humanitarian system?

The outputs of this research are aimed at humanitarian organisations interested in using innovative practices to improve their performance, as well as organisations outside the humanitarian sector, such as academic institutions or private companies, seeking to engage in innovation in humanitarian action. 

  • Publication language: English
  • Pages: 107pp
  • Suggested citation: Obrecht, A. and T. Warner, A. (2016) ‘More than just luck: Innovation in humanitarian action’. HIF/ ALNAP Study. London: ALNAP.