Sector leaders open up on learning: Deepa Nambiar

At a gathering of humanitarian leaders and thinkers supporting the Pledge for Change (Pledge) in Nairobi, Kenya, Deepa Nambiar, Director of Partnerships at Asylum Access, said grassroots humanitarian organisations should be given space to share learning in more authentic ways.

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We can develop spaces where local grassroots actors are able to share those learnings in ways that feel most authentic to them, not in like academic texts that no one reads, but through storytelling or other ways,’ Deepa explained. ‘That’s very exciting and can really shift how we think about solutions.

The Pledge for Change 2030 re-imagines the role of INGOs in the global humanitarian and development aid system, pledging to build a stronger aid ecosystem based on the principles of solidarity, humility, self-determination and equality.

In February 2024, ALNAP kicked off their With Learning Comes Change initiative as a challenge to themselves, members and humanitarians everywhere to be bolder in learning, embrace different learning experiences and approaches, and be more receptive and responsive to learning.

At the Pledge for Change meeting on 18 April, 2024, ALNAP, the global network inspiring learning for greater humanitarian impact, Adeso Africa and the Centre for Humanitarian Leadership (CHL) interviewed eight humanitarian leaders and thinkers from international and national humanitarian, developmental and peacebuilding organisations to get key insights on the challenges around learning, localisation and decolonisation and the future of the sector.

Credits: Videography by Mint Glint Media LTD
Interview by ALNAP